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  What is Bandwidth?
Internet Bandwidth or
  transit in simple terms, is
  the transmission speed or
  throughput of your
  connection to the Internet. 
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  Guidelines on choosing
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  If your company is
  planning to purchase
  wholesale bandwidth, we
  have compiled a few
  guidelines to help you
  choose a service provider.
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  What is a Dedicated

A dedicated server is a
  type of Internet hosting
  when the business or
  client leases an entire
  server not shared
  with anyone.  Read more

  How much Bandwidth
  do I need?

  Since bandwidth is a
  significant factor of hosting
  plan prices, you should
  take the time to figure how
  much you need.  Read


  What is Oc-48?
OC-48 is a type of Internet
  connection. It stands for
  Optical Carrier Level 48,
  which equates to 2.488
  Gbps of transfer. Read

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Hurricane Electric Internet Services in Fremont, California Facility

The Hurricane Electric Company has two locations in Fremont, California. Their facilities are large and well connected, and they are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are rated in the top ten of the world providing colocation and bandwidth. They offer a fiber optic OC-192 Internet network, which is one of the largest and fastest internet backbones in the industry. Hurricane Electric is all fiber optic, and they utilize intelligent routing that provides traffic to be the most direct and fastest route. They have peering relationships with over two-thousand major national and international networks.

Hurricane Electric provides bandwidth and colocation to some of the biggest businesses in the world.  Some of their customers are Hewlett Packard, Pizza Hut, BMW, Baskin Robbins, Jamba Juice, Google and many other fortune 500 companies. They also provide service to numerous radio stations, Internet TV and software companies.

Hurricane Electric
is a state-of-the-art facility; and being in business for over ten years and surviving the, it has proven itself for its diligence and stability. This company owns and operates some of the largest facilities in the Silicon Valley with a network of 19 other colocation facilities worldwide.

Some of the benefits Hurricane Electric offers is 24/7 technical support and security, and On-Site Remote Hands Service with all of their contracts is free. We find they donít charge extra monthly fees for such things as IP addresses, and they allow cross connects between customer cabinets for no extras charges.

Hurricane Electric provides great deals on bandwidth from 100 Mbps up to 1,000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet. With their state-of-art facilities and outstanding technical support, this facility is one of the best colocation facilities in the United States.

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Hurricane Electric Internet Services in Fremont, California Facility

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Hurricane Electric Fremont Colocation Facility











Typical 42u Colocation Cabinet









benefits of Hurricane Electric


Bandwidth features

Bandwidth  Provider Facility/ Network Top Features

A Worldwide Tier 1 Redundant OC192 Backbone with additional 10 GigE Network. 

Internet Backbones Available

Redundant UPS and Prime Source type of generator backed up.

24/7/365 Security and Technical Support within the Colocation Data Center.

      Questions you should ask before purchasing bandwidth.

Do they charge an extra monthly fee for cross connects and IP addresses?

Is the Internet Backbone or Data Center Provider financially profitable and stable?

Does the Provider have brand name customers?

High Tech Office Space at Colocation Facilities

Does the Provider have multiple  locations?


  Education Plans
Free 1,000Mbps Internet Bandwidth for Qualified Education Networks.  Special Program from Worldwide Tier 1 Network.
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151 Front Street Data Center, Toronto, ON -Canada Internet Bandwidth

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What is a Colocation Center?
A colocation center is an
environmentally-controlled, secure facility that businesses use to store company data in an off-site location. Read more

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